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The type of liquid in the Galilean thermometer is not important for the function of the thermometer.

If you have a woman for your boss, you might want to consider giving a glass fusion lamp to her for a special gift.

We offer many items to help you decorate your home on the inside and your outdoor areas where you and your family relax.

We have a selection of beautiful kaleidoscopes that make great gifts for executives or for just about anyone on your holiday gift shopping list.

Our shiny stainless steel gazing chains come with 4 spheres, or if you love a lot of spheres we offer you one with 16 spheres.

Galileo thermometers are beautiful pieces that are perfect choices for gifts for those hard to buy for loved ones.

The main purpose of a radiometer is to detect and measure radiant energy.

A radiometer is sometimes considered to be an ultraviolet detector.

The bulbs that are inside a Galilean thermometer are generally hand blown glass bulbs that have been sealed.

03/09/17 03:28:12 AM

Both mercury and alcohol get bigger when they are heated and smaller when they are cooled, so that's how they seem to move in a Galileo thermometer. There are so many people who have modern style homes today and they will love the chrome stand for our hanging thermometers.

03/07/17 02:47:08 PM

Bird lovers need not look any further because our wonderfully creative black bird deco panels will make your room into something special.

03/05/17 07:36:10 PM

In a radiometer, the vanes rotate in sunlight in the direction that is facing the bright sides of the vanes.

03/04/17 12:54:00 AM

When you are looking for a great gift for a gardening friend, you might want to consider a hanging outdoor thermometer.

03/03/17 01:03:06 AM

We offer many radiometers, some clear and others that have a clear bulb and a beautifully-colored stem. A ship in a bottle is a great gift for someone with an office or a library because it will last for many years.

03/01/17 05:10:51 AM

If you enjoy candles, then you may be interested in one of our Bali gardens with candle holders built right into them.

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